20 octubre 2006


Some months ago the XVI International AIDS Conference was settled in Toronto. There was a huge number of different conferences about this issue, not only about medicine but about human behaviour as well.

In a nutshell, this could be the resume:

--> Scientists are pretty pesimistic about the vaccune. In fact, some of them say that it will not be developed until next century. But, how can it be possible? 100 years??!!?? For sure you know that a vaccine is just a weak version of a virus. But, how can you develope a vaccine that has to attack the Human Inmune System? That´s the issue! And even in the case this vaccine works, the AIDS virus tends to mutate frecuenly causing the vaccine to fight it becomes almost ineffective..

--> Scientists ar
e working as well in prevention using the same drugs they use for people that have come down with this disease. The aim is to fight against spreading.

-->Finally, different studies have proved circuncised people are less likely to come down with AIDS. About 2/3 less likely.
Mabe it´s because physical issues, maybe because their religion hence their behaviour, but noadays nobody knows nor is able to explain it.

18 octubre 2006

Just maths

"The fertility rate in the EU is 1.47—well below replacement. By 2010, deaths there are expected to start outnumbering births, so from that point immigration will account for more than all its growth. And that average hides countries that have seen an astonishing collapse in the willingness of their citizens to breed. The fertility rate in ISpain is 1.35, which, without immigration, would cause the number of Spaniards to halve in 42 years."

I know it´s hard to say but the point is that we will need more inmigrants, not fewer.

"Collectively we decided not to have children and, without knowing it, we decided to have immigrants,”

10 octubre 2006

An extremely stressful day

Stressful, isn´t it?
I guess this situation deserves a Mus between tennis and Brasil. Doesn´t it?

04 octubre 2006


I´ve just started to read this book. It looks interesting. It´s a kind of "Lord of the Rings". You know.. magic, elfs, dragon, witches and so on.

The problem is the vocabulary. I have to consult about 5 words per sheet because, altough you can understand the context, sometimes the unknown word is key...

Here you have some examples:

scent, crimson, maroon, twig, tore, falter, nimbly, deer, glen, flaws, porridge, wary, ravine, tan, moist, slate, fetch, hulking, scoop up, farewell and so forth.