18 octubre 2006

Just maths

"The fertility rate in the EU is 1.47—well below replacement. By 2010, deaths there are expected to start outnumbering births, so from that point immigration will account for more than all its growth. And that average hides countries that have seen an astonishing collapse in the willingness of their citizens to breed. The fertility rate in ISpain is 1.35, which, without immigration, would cause the number of Spaniards to halve in 42 years."

I know it´s hard to say but the point is that we will need more inmigrants, not fewer.

"Collectively we decided not to have children and, without knowing it, we decided to have immigrants,”

2 comentarios:

Zorro de Segovia dijo...

doesn´t matter. There are a lot of countries where are more people than enough ... Let them coming!

Diana G.B. dijo...

I think Zorro the Segovia and MS. should follow our Zaragoza-Laxe friends' example and procreate! Zorro, why don't you make us aunts and uncles? :-)