27 junio 2006

No news are good news?

When you are abroad, you realize that only thanks to Internet you can be informed about Spanish news. In fact, Spain doesn´t exist in Canadian newspapers.

But in the other hand, I don´t care about it at all. My Spanish news intake was so high that I need a rest. Do you know what I mean?

Besides the fact the news are a bit repetitive -to say the least-, the type of information covered is focused on negative stories. And I´m sure most of us are addicted to the news. Excuses like "I read several newspapers to get perspective on what´s happening" are just poor excuses.

In conclusion, you are becom¡ng distracted from what´s important by reading about what is not.

I already know what Politicians are gonna say. I already know TV shows nothing but scandal, murders, wars. I already know most of the news are inconsequential. Maybe It´s time to turn my back on news. Maybe no news are good news....

25 junio 2006

Familia Castañón

A memory for Igor Medio and Carlos Redondo

Vaya por dios!!!
Acabo de enterarme que 2 mienbros del grupo Felpeyu han fallecido en un accidente de circulación en Alava cuando se dirigian a Barcelona para ofrecer un concierto. El resto de los integrantes resultaron heridos.
Felpeyu es uno de esos grupos de folk asturiano que podríasmos definir como "imprescindibles". Una gran perdida...

Corquieu in Vancouver

Corquieu is one of my favourite folk music groups. They are from Ribadesella, Asturias.
They started to play in 1998 and despite their youth they are pretty good. You can find more information in www.corquieu.com from you can download some of their songs in mp3 format.

The point is that all these years I´ve been trying to see them in a live concert. And due I live in Madrid I wasn´t be able!!! And just now I´ve discovered they´re gonna play in Vancouver next month!!!! Can you belive it?

For sure, this time I´ll attend a date.

From Vancouver with Love and Snow!!!

Sorry. There has been a long time from my last post. But, you know, sometimes I´m not able to write nothing. Sometimes because I don´t feel like writing, sometimes because there are no free PCs . But in this moment I´m at home and I´m using my laptop so... I can´t make any excuse.

What can I say about Vancouver? Maybe, this is the most beautiful, interesting and livable city I've ever visited
... It's amaizing. (What the hell was I thinking about when I decided to go to Toronto?) This is the spread view you can see from my school. There is still snow in the mountains!!The buildins are not so high as Toronto ones but, who cares?

As you know, I gonna go to Rockies Mountanis and I´ve just choosen Wapiti trip.
It´s a 9 day trip for backpackers and it really looks great.

And don't worry, if you dn
on't like hikig (treking is Spanglish) you can choose between going to the beach, to Victoria Island... Maybe Seattle? Everything is really close. But, as you know, I take hiking over other activities so Let´s go to the Rokies.

First inglis lesson:
If you want to say Beach, be careful, because you could say Bitch.... Can you imagine? "Where is the bitch?" "I was in the English Bitch"
The only diferent is that Beach has a long i: /Biiiich/ vs /Bich/
This the trick: to say a long i you only have to smile. Idem for shit and sheet, sit and seat...

18 junio 2006

Toronto 4 - Madrid 2

Qué es esto? El resultado de un partido de futbol? El número de huelgas a traición del transporte público?


Es el número de camisetas de la selección española que he visto en la calle.... En Toronto 4 y en Madrid 2. Y las dos personas que vi que llevaban la camiseta en cuestión eran negros tizones... Vamos, que de caucásicos -como diría la poli- más bien poco.

Y es que cuando vas al extranjero (Canadá, UK, Suecia, USA...) no es raro ver banderas del país en pubs, bares.. Aquí, si alguien pone una bandera de España en una bar como mínimo lo tachamos de FACHA. Qué queréis que os diga? Despues de tanto discurso estilo "nación de naciones", "deudas históricas" y demás gaitas casi que como que hecho de menos un poco de orgullo patrio nacional. Quizás deberíamos aprender de los alemanes y su reencuentro con el patriotismo que había estado reprimido desde la II Guerra Mundial...

14 junio 2006

¿Qué se ve desde....?

What can you see from the Toronto´s tallest/highest tower?

First, you have to know the Toronto´s tallest bulding is not only the Toronto´s tallest bulding, but is the World´s tallest Bulding as well.

It´s like El Piruli pero a lo bestia. And what´s its name? TIC, TAC,
Super Pirulí? "Close, but no cigar"

Here it is the CN Tower (from the islad)
And you can see this spread view from it

And from the Glass Floor (si, el suelo es de cristal.. y las manchas blancas que se ven en la calle son autobuses...)

01 junio 2006

I've been so stressed out over classes, strikes and other stuff that I haven't had time to blog.

You know what.. Next week I'll be in Spain. It's pretty strange because these two months have run pretty fast. Besides the fact that with Internet everything looks closer. It is not the World looks smaller, but the World is smaller.

And No.. I haven't visit the CN Tower yet, but I will. Maybe on Sunday. Once I had the photos, I'll blog them.

Now, I'm gonna visit a beer factory. A BEER factory. You pay 6 dollars and you can get drunk as a skunk, so yes.. It's really a big deal :-)