02 noviembre 2006

Do you smoke?

If you smoke and you live in Madrid you are really lucky.

In a nutshell: Madrid allows to smoke in nearly all restaurants and pubs overhelming (o dicho de otra forma, pasándose por los huevos) the national law.

The point that makes the different in Madrid between national bill and "la idea de la Espe" is that from now on restaurants only need a simple screen to separete the smokers room.

So, as I wrote before, if you are a smoker you are really lucky. In fact it doesn´t matter if your partner/collage/friend/neighbour don´t smoke or if they want to eat their chop without breath smoke because there is not gointg to be any different between smokers room and non-smokers room.

And what is worrying is that another "comunidades" could carry out the same idea unbanning smoking in public places.

It is a shame. In fact the national law should be harder. I mean, you should not be allowed to smoke in a restaurant . And if you want to settle a smokers room is ok, but your restaurant should pass a kind of previous exam. Now, thanks to "la Espe", with a screem from IKEA is enough.

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Zorro de Segovia dijo...

Imagina el revuelo que se hubiera armado si esta iniciativa la tienen catalanes o vascos en lugar de Santa Espe.