25 agosto 2007

Sugar, dulce sugar

Computer users are often fueled by cola, and it might not be long before the computers themselves could be running on the same thing.

A chemist from St. Louis University has developed a prototype of a battery that runs on sugar. The battery follow the same mechanism that living cells use sugar to get energy. As result, in nearly future we could have a battery suited for small electronic items (mobiles, computers and the likes) without the toxic chemicals that batteries are made of nowadays (and I guess that they will not blow/explode as some laptops I know do..)

Y será simpático ver a los futuros conejitos de Duracell comiendo azucar y más azucar para durar y durar :-). Es más... ¿y cómo se podrán recargar esas baterías? ¿Echándoles Red Bull?

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Zorro de Segovia dijo...

esto es un invento de Coca-cola o Pepsi para vender más. Seguro