21 noviembre 2007

Big brother (pero al revés)

Hasan Elahi was lead to a detention facitlity at Detroit Airport after returning from a trip from overseas. He tried to talk with the guards to figure out what was going on. But it all became clearer when the man from the FBI in the dark suit came to talk with him. The FBI asked him about his whereabouts on September 12, 2001 - he was able to answer the questions by taking out his Blackberry and showing off his meetings.

Elahi had dozens of interviews with the FBI, polygraphs and so forth. The think was that any act of resistance could have gotten him sent to Guantanamo. So for the next few months, every trip Elahi took, he had to call his FBI agent and give the route . But after a point he realized - why just tell the FBI - why not tell everyone?

So he hacked his cellphone into a tracking bracelet which he wears on his ankle, reporting his movements on a map on Internet (http://trackingtransience.net/)

The result is a photographic record of his daily life with lots of apsects of his life online, including his banking records of his purchases!!!!


Mira que hay gente rara, eh?

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