02 agosto 2006

I´m getting used to.....

Honestly, I´m getting used to American-Canadian Cafes.

Yes, I know, it´s supposed there is nothing like the Spanish Cafeterias. It doesn´t matter where ever you are, you allways will be able to find a cafeteria and to ask for a "cortado, con leche, solo, cortado corto de café, con sacarina..."

But the thing is that when you want to stay alone for a while - maybe relaxing or maybe just reading a book- the Spanish cafeterias are not the best room to stay. And I´m not talking about the likes of Starbuck´s but the likes of Jave Café.

Java Café is a
small and cozzy café settled in Broadway Avenue where you can just relax
reading a book in a comfortable armchair and listening to Pop/Blues music.. And what can I say about the desserts? My God! The triple-chocolate-muffin must be a sin because it tastes too good to be free of side effects.

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Aser Rodriguez dijo...

You have a very good point here. As soon you start to travel around the world you realize that the Spanish Cafeteria is probably one of the worst implementation of the idea of Coffe Shop.

Italian, for example, have the better understanding of what a good coffe has to be. Lisbon has the best adjustment of the expresso machines so you can get real expresso coffes. Paris has been able to establish that cultural enviroment that make you stay longer and longer.

But it has been US (I must say Seattle) who has change completely the world of the coffe. It is incredible to believe that prior to 90's there were no such a thing as expresso machine in US (hence on the north estate called Canada :-)). Since the start the Starbucks you can find not just these convinient stores, but all kind of nice places where to have the greatest cofees and relax yourself.

BTW, my favorite one near Columbia is at Amsterdam Avenue at 122th street, Max Cafe. Terrific !!!

coyotepisapraos dijo...

I like your saying: "Spanish Cafeteria is probably one of the worst implementation of the idea of Coffe Shop"

Fortunately, the Spanish "Beer + tapa" is probably one of the best implementation of the idea of Bar.