07 agosto 2006

The Tipping Point

Chapters is a big book store that you can find in all the cities of Canada -and I guess in USA as well-. Honestly, I love to get lost myself in this store. You know I can´t stand with crawded rooms like supermarkets and the likes -that´s the reason I don´t like "La casa del libro" in Madrid-, but I am able to be in Chapters for hours.

Besides there is always a Starbucks inside this store, so you can choose a book, ask for a coffee and start to read it. And if you don´t like it you only have to put it back in the bookcase.

The thing is that everytime I go to there I buy a book. I allways find something interesting. The last one was "The Tipping Point". When I saw the tittle I was sure that I have read a good review about it. But I didn´t realize what this book is about until I read the back cover. "The tipping point" is the moment when a little change, idea, social behaviour crosses a hot point and spreads everywhere making a big different. "Just like a sick person can start a epidemic of the flu".

One good example: What was the tipping point for "Jarabe de palo"? No doubts it was the Ducados ad. and the worth of mouth -by the way, do you remenber when most of people though "La flaca" was Juan Perro´s? .. maybe this misunderstunding helps as well.

It´s easy to see that in business, in life, in relationships... we always try/avoid to reach the tipping point. It always makes the different between sucess and failure.

By the way, don´t ask me if I liked the book. I´ll read it when I am back in Spain.

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