21 noviembre 2008

Oh, grow up

from The Economist
"Blogging has entered the mainstream, which—as with every new medium in history—looks to its pioneers suspiciously like death. To the earliest practitioners, over a decade ago, blogging was the regular posting of text updates, and later photos and videos, about themselves and their thoughts to a few friends and family members. Today lots of internet users do this, only they may not think of it as blogging. Instead, they update their profile pages on Facebook, MySpace or other social networks."

"blogging (..)In essence, it is a straightforward content-management system that posts updates in reverse-chronological order and allows comments and other social interactions. Viewed as such, blogging may “die” in much the same way that personal-digital assistants (PDAs) have died. A decade ago, PDAs were the preserve of digerati who liked using electronic address books and calendars. Now they are gone, but they are also ubiquitous, as features of almost every mobile phone."

Y es que al final, que pijoteros somos!!!. En el momento que todo el munda usa algo deja de ser "cool".

Pues a mi me la repanpinfla (esto va en plan declaración de intenciones) Para mi escribir en este blog es algo que hago porque me apetece y porque , a fin de cuentas, no deja ser nada más que mi diario :-)

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