02 mayo 2006

About Korea

If you come to Toronto, you´ll discover that there are a lot of people from China, Korea, Japan... In fact there is a ChinaTown too.

But in this case, I´ve decided to write about the Korean people I´ve found in International House.

Do you know that they are addicted to Internet? It´s said this addiction is becoming a big problem in their
country. In fact, a lot of people doesn´t go to work because they have to play Doom (or something like that). But like or not, if you really need to check your email three hundred times a day, you have a serious problem and you must try to sort it out.

In the other hand, I wonder what is about Korean food that so many Canadian find appealing. I tried it last week and you have to know tha it´s extremely spice. It´s like to blend china food with chilly. No sense!!!! But it is what it is, and if you can try the REAL korean food, try it. Don´t let me put you off.

Do you know korean men have to enroll the Army during 30 months?
You could say "Come on, that´s hard to believe" or "You must be jokking".. But you have to remenber that close, in North-Korea, there is a guy called King "Idon´tremenberthename" who is really crazy -to say the least-.

Anyway. No more Korea.

Today is the Dr. House Day. And the newspaper has announced that is going to be the BIGGEST espisode of the year.
"Will the doctors be the first to die?"

Next episode, next day.

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