23 mayo 2006

Metric system vs Imperial Syste

Once you are in Canada, you could think on Canadian measurement as the mutant child of the metric system. They drive in kilometres and buy gas in litres, but they still take the measure of theirselves in pounds, feet and inches.

If you go to the supermarket you will find a hybrid that is impenetrable even for the Canadians. It´s true, they sell luncheon meats in grams but for everything else it´s pounds and pounds and pounds (and conversion tables just in case someone ask for fish by kilogram)

It was 35 years ago whe the Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau set up the Metric Comissión to start converting the country. It seemed a good idea at the time. Most of the planet was already metric. Even the American were talking about switching..

But a lot of people complained about the Metric System. In fact, during the Cold War someone said "Did you ever look around at the countries in the world today with metric?.... the socialist countries of the world today".In other words, if you say "I am 1,70 m tall" you are comunist!!!

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El Caracolico dijo...

Pregunta, al Coyote casi canadiano ¿esa extraña mezcla de medidas no será debida a esa otra extraña mezcla de cultura inglesa y francesa?
Otra pregunta por curiosidad: ¿La leche va en galones o en litros?

Thomas dijo...

I have been taking my measurements in centimeters regularly since 1983, my weight in kilograms since 1993. The reason for the difference is the lack of scales that register in kilograms. When I finally came across a scale so calibrated, I used it immediately. I first became aware of metric in 1975, and eagerly learned it. I was 8 years old then. This is in the USA, FCOL!