16 mayo 2006



In this moment, I don´t feel like writing anything in this blog but I have get back to it.

On Saturday I tried to open an account in a bank. Why? Because everytime I get money from an ATM, I have to pay a 5.5% commision -Don´t ask me why I though it was "only" 3 euros per use-.

Although my documentation is OK -Passport, Visa- I couldn´t open the account. As far as I understood, I need the support of a Canadian. I mean, I need the signature of a Canadian as if I still was a minor. I need one Canadian to take responsability over me!!!

Don´t make fun of me about it. You know it make no sense.

3 comentarios:

El Caracolico dijo...

Bien, debes saberlo, nos llamaron pidiendo referencias tuyas y claro...¿cómo íbamos a mentir?

Estos "canadianos" son un poco raros... o te han calado a simple vista ;-)

Zorro de Segovia dijo...

oye, ponme tu pasta a mi nombre y me hago "canadiano". A very good solution, ¿hace?

Aser Rodriguez dijo...

Alex, there are other alternatives. I guess that the Canadian System is pretty similar to the American one. What you need to do is to ask your school to sign you a letter of support for the bank explaining your situation, ...

Usually that's enough. Here at Columbia it's part of the usual pack for international students, think about live here for two years without an account :-(