25 junio 2006

From Vancouver with Love and Snow!!!

Sorry. There has been a long time from my last post. But, you know, sometimes I´m not able to write nothing. Sometimes because I don´t feel like writing, sometimes because there are no free PCs . But in this moment I´m at home and I´m using my laptop so... I can´t make any excuse.

What can I say about Vancouver? Maybe, this is the most beautiful, interesting and livable city I've ever visited
... It's amaizing. (What the hell was I thinking about when I decided to go to Toronto?) This is the spread view you can see from my school. There is still snow in the mountains!!The buildins are not so high as Toronto ones but, who cares?

As you know, I gonna go to Rockies Mountanis and I´ve just choosen Wapiti trip.
It´s a 9 day trip for backpackers and it really looks great.

And don't worry, if you dn
on't like hikig (treking is Spanglish) you can choose between going to the beach, to Victoria Island... Maybe Seattle? Everything is really close. But, as you know, I take hiking over other activities so Let´s go to the Rokies.

First inglis lesson:
If you want to say Beach, be careful, because you could say Bitch.... Can you imagine? "Where is the bitch?" "I was in the English Bitch"
The only diferent is that Beach has a long i: /Biiiich/ vs /Bich/
This the trick: to say a long i you only have to smile. Idem for shit and sheet, sit and seat...

3 comentarios:

Zorro de Segovia dijo...

Realmente bonito, sí señor. Qué envidiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

El Caracolico dijo...

¿Sincronicidad?, seguro: esta mañana leo este blog y me hace gracia el tema de que treking sea un "españolismo", pues bien hoy tengo una de mis clases semanales de inglés ¡¡y hablamos de hiking y trekking!! y te diré que según mi profesor scottish si que es perfecto inglés trekking (de to trek) Según él hacer hiking es más suave que trekking.
Curioso... si con razón no creo en las coincidencias

coyotepisapraos dijo...

Pues caracolico.. si aqui dices treking te miran con una cara más rara...