27 junio 2006

No news are good news?

When you are abroad, you realize that only thanks to Internet you can be informed about Spanish news. In fact, Spain doesn´t exist in Canadian newspapers.

But in the other hand, I don´t care about it at all. My Spanish news intake was so high that I need a rest. Do you know what I mean?

Besides the fact the news are a bit repetitive -to say the least-, the type of information covered is focused on negative stories. And I´m sure most of us are addicted to the news. Excuses like "I read several newspapers to get perspective on what´s happening" are just poor excuses.

In conclusion, you are becom¡ng distracted from what´s important by reading about what is not.

I already know what Politicians are gonna say. I already know TV shows nothing but scandal, murders, wars. I already know most of the news are inconsequential. Maybe It´s time to turn my back on news. Maybe no news are good news....

2 comentarios:

Zorro de Segovia dijo...

Really Alex, no news are good news. The main thing in Planeta Asturias is the prodigious patch of your countryman Fernando Alonso. I hope that he will win this weekend in Indianapolis!!!

Zorro de Segovia dijo...

By the way, I send you a great asturian bear hug!!!!