25 junio 2006

Corquieu in Vancouver

Corquieu is one of my favourite folk music groups. They are from Ribadesella, Asturias.
They started to play in 1998 and despite their youth they are pretty good. You can find more information in www.corquieu.com from you can download some of their songs in mp3 format.

The point is that all these years I´ve been trying to see them in a live concert. And due I live in Madrid I wasn´t be able!!! And just now I´ve discovered they´re gonna play in Vancouver next month!!!! Can you belive it?

For sure, this time I´ll attend a date.

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Alberto dijo...

Make shure they are showing up before going to the concerts. I think they had some sort of problem with the plane tickets. Isaw the flute player today, so he is definitely not in Canada.

Great Blog, by the way


coyotepisapraos dijo...

Tienes razón. Al final no vinieron. Cajondiez...