24 febrero 2007

Bufón Pablo de Valladolid

El cuadro que más de gusta del Museo del Prado: "El bufón Pablo de Valladolid" de Velázquez. Simple, pero todo un alarde de recursos. Lo que más destaca en este cuadro es lo que no hay. No hay suelo, no hay pared... salvo la sombra, no hay ninguna referencia espacial.

This is the picture I like the most: "El bufón Pablo de Valladolid" by Velázquez. It is pretty simple, but it is an example of a extremely good skills. It is great because of the things you can not see; there is no floor, no wall.... there is no reference but the shadow. In the old times this idea turned out to be a great revolution.

But maybe I should say that "this is my favorite picture... today" Because, you kwnow what? Velazquez´s work is so huge, is so good that it is imposible to decide which one is "the best". In fact, anytime you visit "El prado" you will discover a new detail or a new picture you never paid attention before. And for sure it will be great

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