01 julio 2006

My first hiking in Vancouver

The thing is that there are some "on line" Hiking Clubs. For example www.wanderung.ca
To make the story short, Wanderung is a mailing-list that allows its members to reach out for people to go hiking. On Wendsday I received a email from a canadian girl asking for people to go to Buntzen Lake Reservoir. I answered "ok, lets go". In the end, we were a group of 5 people and the point was that the girl who organized the hiking put his car at our disposal for free. The path, whose name is "Diez Vistas", was amazing: 15km, 4 hours. Yes, of course, we got lost. But only half an hour...

This is the view from the first "vista". From this point you can see Vancouver and Mount St Helens that is about 300 km right from here. Homework : "What is Mount St Helens?"

And the best thing is the path ends in the Buntzen Lake where, of course, we swam and sunbathed as well. By the way, I though I was out of shape, but no way! :-)

PD: OK, I´ll be honest. I confess yestarday I skipped my classes, but I don´t regret anything about it except the fact that I could have enrolled this club before. It was fun and only fun

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El Caracolico dijo...

Guauuuuu, ¡¡que bonito!! (me estoy poniendo de un interesante color verde, debe ser la envidia que me envenena) :)