26 septiembre 2006

I´ve just arrive..

I´ve just arrived from home. And to be honest, I don´t feel like doing anything. Maybe it´s because is Tuesday, or maybe because I´ve just found out there is something in my live that makes me chew over deep thoughts and that I´m a kind of suspicious person because I tend to be reserved.

Trust in
me. .. Everything it´s true. It´s in my horoscope.

Some friends of mime tell me I usally change my mind 3 or 4 times before I make a decision ... Other friends tell me it´s just on the other way... after making a decission I think back and change my mind.. They all say I´m a kind of capricious.

But you know what? IT´S FALSE. I´m not so capricious and it´s not because I´m a only child.
I´m Geminis and it makes me think over past, present and future issues once and once again. That´s all ;-)))

Some people said our future, our fate is written in the stars. ... But the funny thing is that if you look the sky and see the stars (if you can, in Madrid is almost imposible..) you only see the past. You only see things that happened thousands of years ago...

And all this thoughts lead me to Simon Wisenthalt´s old saying: "Wihtout memory, mankind is condemned to repeat the same mistakes"

3 comentarios:

El Caracolico dijo...

Puede que sea porque eres Géminis... o puede que no sea por eso. Hoy si, pero mañana no...
Bueno, está bien tener el horóscopo como excusa, ¿o puede que no lo sea?
¡¡Ayyy, el hombre-coyote duda!!

Al otro lado del mar dijo...

So dont do anzthing.
Mz kezboard is eating up the next to the last letter of the alphabet... Dwelling on the same issues over and over again is OK if zou gain something rather than a headache or more confusion. Anzwaz, this (the blog} is a good waz to speak zour mind or rather, write out zour mind...

Zorro de Segovia dijo...

amos qué, no pensaba que fuera a ver el día en el que te tornases filósofo.