03 septiembre 2006

Me, myself and Irene

Jim Carrie´s black sons talking about Pluto

"-Man, how the hell can they call Pluto a planet ? What motherfuckin' planet has an elliptical orbit ? Man, this shit don't make no sense. Motherfucker ! That motherfucker Vince Foster was murdered ! I told you !


- Shit, yeah, man. You keep fuckin' around, you gonna get that scholarship to Yale taken away from you. Be stuck up there at Stanford with them goddamn sling-blade motherfuckers. Shit, motherfucker, you be lucky to get accepted to Duke gettin' a xxx on your S.A.T.

- Motherfucker, you know I had the flu.

- The flu, my ass. You had a motherfuckin' aneuryusm gettin' a .

- Aneuryusm ? Man, you talkin' some shit now. Now you see, man ? That's probably one of them lvy League sum bitches now."

Such a knowledge in this wise film has blurred my eyes ;-)

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