28 septiembre 2006

Pito pito, gorgorito....

Tralaría, tralará.

Pito pito, gorgorio, dónde vas tú tan Bonito.

Pim, pam, pum... Fuera?

This weekend is gonna be hard. I have to make a decission..... I´ll make it and, in less than 5 minutes, I´ll change my mind and, in less than 5 minutes, I´ll change my mind again and, in less than 5 minutes, I´ll think back and make a decission totally diferent and, in less than 5 minutes........

I´m pretty sure som
efriends of mine will say "You are stupid.. And if you don´t take that oppportunity I cut your head -to say the least-"

The funny thing is that at the end, I will make my decission 5 minutes before the dead line. As usual.

3 comentarios:

El Caracolico dijo...

Siempre te queda la moneda con cara y cruz, aunque los euros complican saber qué es cada cosa.
Lo que te faltaba.

Zorro de Segovia dijo...

Pregunta a tus padres. Ellos son más sabios.

Anónimo dijo...

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