02 septiembre 2006

TED conference

"Once a year 1000 remakable people gather in Monterrey, California, to exchange something of incalculable value: Their Ideas"

This is the way all Ted´s videos start. Basically, TED is a non-profit foundation that organized and record conferences. But I´n not talking about simple "talks". The goal is to seek out the most interesting people on earth and let then to share and to spread their ideas.

People like Jimmy Wales (founder of wikipedia), Al Gore, Jeff Bezos, Negroponte, Billy Gates, or Nathan Myrrhvold
-Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft speaking about dinosaur sex-, have spoken at TED.

One more point: from www.ted.com you can download any conference for free and everything is legal!!! N
owadays you can´t take this last point for granted ;-)

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