06 septiembre 2006

I´ve seen into the future

Some days ago, I was listening to the radio and, suddenly I saw the future of the Spanish Education System:

The thing is that France is gonna return to the the old days teaching method because almost 15% of the 12 year old children don´t know either how to write or how to read properly.

In other words, they will re-use the old way: "m" with "a" -> "ma"

As you can see, the teaching revolution -that Spain has copied- has been a mess. And I´m sorry, but I have to blame the psychologist and the likes who decided to change dramatically everything because the old ways were "traumatic for the children". Come on!!!! What the hell is that?!?

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El Caracolico dijo...

Traumático es que los niños no sepan escribir bien, sin saber donde va una "b" y donde una "v", que piensen que Felipe II sólo es la plaza donde ponen Cortylandia.
Y triste que con estas cosas funcionemos mediante ensayo-error


(y sin traumas)