26 abril 2006

Are you a nurse? Do you enjoy driving?

If you are a nurse, you can find a job in Toronto. It's really easy.
In fact, if you take a look in any newspaper or even if you are waching TV, you'll see comercials in order to promote this profession. It looks like nobody wanted to be a nurse!!!

You know I enjoy driving.. but I think I'll never get used to seeing that the traffic lights are "after the cross" Do you know what I mean? It's really strange to see cars crossing a red light when they turn left or right in a cross. Isn't it strange?

Yesterday I saw House. You know.. the serie. It was about a guy who though that God talked to him. Could you imagine the plot? House vs God. It was really funny. At the end: House 2, God 2. (Thanks God all the series have subtitles, otherwise I couldn't understand anything....)

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