20 abril 2006

Are you on for the change?

In order to brush up my writing skills, I'm going to write this post in English. No acents, less problems...

Today I read some notices in Metro (yes, your can find Metro in Toronto) In fact, it's no so bad as the Spanish version.

Today you can see that "Canada 3rd in sex study" (just before Sports sheets) According with an American research about sexual satisfaction, Canada ranks 3d, just behind Austria and Spain. Couples from Japan and Taiwan has reported the lowest levels of sexual satisfaction.

Now I understand a lot of things. Pertus, this is your city. Here there are a lot of girls from Japan. You can help her to discover real sex ;-)

PS:In the other hand, the top is Austria. Do you know why?
PS2: No, I still don't know how to use the mouse to put photos in this blog. Perhaps tomorrow.
PS3: Of course. You can report me my mistakes.
PS4: Mum, I long for your meals... (Snif!!!)

3 comentarios:

Akua dijo...

Puxa Asturies! y todos los que por diferentes motivos hemos acabado lejos de esa maravillosa tierra.



Aser Rodriguez dijo...

Size matters :-D

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