21 abril 2006

Katie back home

I am sure you know Katie Holmes gave birth to a baby.
There were hordes of paparazzi camped out in front of the KatieTom's house hoping to score the first photo of the baby. It is said that this photo costed $2 Million US. The world is crazy.

We could buy everything but the kitchen sink with this money. But I am sure that for Tom, $2Million, is just a little change

In the order hand, today I have remembered Gallardon's buildings. Due to the snow, in Toronto, all the buildings are made at the same time. Yes.. In summer. So, it is going to start the "building sesion" (yeah!). And it is said that this "building sesion" is going to be like nobody remenber.

I have to say that I was frightened. Oh my god!! No more buildings!! Not here!!!
New competition. How much money is the Town going to spend on them? Tic, Tac, Tic, Tac...
Between $235 Million and $300 Million.

Come on!!! Gallardon's faraonic buildings are going to cost more than $4.000 Million!!!!

2 comentarios:

Aser Rodriguez dijo...

man, how do you pretend to compare Madrid with Toronto? Madrid is one of the 10 more important cities in the world in economic terms and Toronto is like ... no se, un toro :-D

Btw, who is Katie Holmes?

coyotepisapraos dijo...

Imagine NY full of people from Switcherland (o como demonios se escriba) That's Toronto

Do you ask me who is Katie? Come man....