17 julio 2006

29th Vancouver Folk Music Festival

This weekend was the 29th Vancouver Folk Music Festival. It was settled in Kitsilano beach and, as usual, the view and the enviorement were awesome.

7 scenarios, more than 40 folk groups, an incredible organization, and more than 900 volunteers. Can you belive it? There were different committees with different responsabilities: Security, enviorement, kitchen, administration... In fact, this festival only goes on thanks the volunteers.

I was enrolled in the "Perfomer Services Tent" And to be honest, until I got there I didn´t find out what the dam it was about. My goal was to deal with perfomer´s problems like "I need a new badge" and that kind of things. By the way... Badge? What the hell is a badge? Now for sure I know it ;-)

One thing. In the end Corquieu didn´t come (cajondiez) As far as I know, there were some problems with the flight. It is what it is... But even without Corquieu, it was worth for me to be there -at least I didn´t lay out a $120 ticket-

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