04 julio 2006

Sawns Falls Loop.

My second trail with Wanderung.
In this case, we hiked the "Sawn Falls Loop". It was about 20 km with a elevation gain of 1200m. Hiking time: about 8 hours.

The path is in an old forest where you can find some small and beautiful lakes like this one (Lindsay Lake).

After leaving this lake we encountered snow, but much of it
had melted away in the hot of the last 2 weeks.

We ascended the Eagle Peak as well. From this peak you can see a really awesome view. The problem was that the day was so sunny that my shots seems to be blurred and burnt (cajonodemo!!)

PD: Yes, of course, we got lost (again). It´s to die for -it seems everytime I go outdoors, I get lost-.
PD2: And there was a little accident.. I was just cracking jokes and I fell into Lindsay Lake (12 feet deep). Fortunately, there are not photos about it ;-)

3 comentarios:

El Caracolico dijo...

Espera... ¿he entendido bien?, ¿te caiste al lago?
¡¡¡Dios mío!!!, ¿por qué nunca hay una cámara cerca cuando más se necesita?

coyotepisapraos dijo...

Pero sólo un poquito. Salí a tiempo sin que me llegaran a comer los tiburones y pterrodáptiolos que por allí habitan.

Zorro de Segovia dijo...

torpe, más que torpe. Vaya imagen de España. Entre la selección y tú nos vais a hacer el hazmerreír del mundo. Si es que ...