18 julio 2006

What the hell is that?

Neither football, nor politics.. but something has lighted a fire under me. In fact, for sure in this world it is impossible to fit in more idiots (spanglish?)

I am really upset. Have you seen the ideas that PP are trying to trasmit to the Spanish society? It´s not uncunny you can see behind all this campaing: ETA-not alQaeda- put the train bombings in Madrid. Because of this, PSOE won the elecctions and as logical consequence PSOE is going to give up the terrorists.

Sorry, I must be a fool because either something is wrong or I don´t catch the point.

And the last straw has been the famous new "adverstisment" where you can see a rose with a snake. How can PPadicts say that PSOE and ETA are the same thing? The failure to measure this kind of "pitch" is devasting for the society. To be honest, I´m absoluted convinced PP doesn´t give a shit about any task in order to try to win the next elecctions. Maybe they think "If PSOE overhelms ETA, they will win the next elecctions so.."

And what can I say about the talks?
I would say that thanks to the police&political&people presure ETA is close to defeat. And maybe this will make your teeth grind but the point is, even to formalice that defeat, PEACE TALKS are neccesary. Like it or not, TALKS are always neccesary after a war. And this task is gonna be long and hard and PSOE can´t walk alone. I´m not saying that PP has to pat PSOE on the head, but this negotiation will last years and the blind refusal to back the talks will turn out to be big problem when PP win the elecctions -I said "when" and not "if PP win" because I assume PP will win next elecctions because anda que el PSOE lo está haciendo bonito-.

And it´s OK. I´m braced for the likes of PPaddicts that cling against the peace talks with ETA and who believe not only I wrong, but I have betrayed dead´s memories.
But you know what? Even PP negotiated with ETA without a ceasefire and AVT didn´t complaint about it. Have that in mind before say anything.

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El Caracolico dijo...

Buffff, se podría decir lo mismo pero dándole la vuelta del todo. Doy por hecho que las noticias de España las lees por Internet, tal vez deberías variar un poco y leer otros periódicos para tener mas pistas.
Nada es blanco ni negro y mucho menos en política, ni en periodismo.
Vaya panda de sinvergüenzas

Zorro de Segovia dijo...

pues si oís, como hago yo todos los días, Onda Cero, o esporádicamente la COPE, encontraréis gente que dice que Aznar se reunió con ETA para decirles que se rindieran. Lo que oís, el PP nunca negoció con ETA.