03 julio 2006

Proud of being Canadian

Saturday, Canadian Day

Once you are in Vancouver, you realize that Canadian are really "Proud of being Canadian". Maybe it´s because of the people who work hard to meet the standards to become a citizenship. Those people who make Canada a beautiful land of diversity by complementing this landscape with different cultures.
By the way, some days ago I asked my teacher whether there was going to be an Army Parade. He answered "An Army Parade? Of course Not. They are in Afganistan" After this, he smiled and added "We are proud of being Canadian, but we are not like the Americans... Canada became as a nation peacefully, quite unlike USA. They became an indepedent country after an armed revolution"

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Al otro lado del mar dijo...

In Guatemala we celebrate on June 30th, el "Día del Ejército" with parade and all the works. Its a National Holiday and I celebrated by staying home for a long, foot ball week end with my family. Go figure...