30 julio 2006

The bear didn´t eat me

After the 10 days-trip in the Canadiam Rockies I only can say one thing: Awesome!!!!!!
The environment is pretty beautiful: lakes, mountains, waterfalls, glaciars....

And you know what? I didn´t meet any Spanish.
Only people from Australia, UK, Holland, Germany, Switerzland and even from Croatia. In conclusion, when it comes to travel to USA or Canada people from the south of Europe seems to be frightened... maybe because of our fucking English -the English of people from the north of Europe is so brillant that we look idiots by comparision-. By the way, Australian accent is nearly uncomprensible. I needed almost 3 days to get used to it -they didn´t pronounce the "r" sound so a "Beer" becomes a "Bee" and the "a sound" is like de Spanish one so the say "Spain" or "again" instead of "Spein" or "agein"-

And yes.. We saw a bear with 2 cubs. The funny thing is that if you see a car parked besides the road, it means there is an wild animal near. In fact, this bear-view caused a trafic jam because all the people wanted to shoot pictures from their cars. Can you see the cub?

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