08 julio 2006

Delusion of a big washing machine

Look, if you try to achieve "The American style of life" it´s suppoused that you have to pursuit happiness in the form of big cars, big houses, new technology items - by the way, do you realize how quick this kind of stuff loses its value?... it´s shocking!!!- , incredible ineficient washing-machines that waste 150 liters of water every time you use it...

But, to achieve all these goals, maybe you have to work around the clock. And the funny thing is that, the most you pursuit the "happiness" in this way, the more you sacrifice what is really important. We already know the dark side of relantless work is less spare time to be with your family, friends, your health... But sometimes we are not aware about it because we´ve just forgotten it.

Giving this situation, maybe the question is not longer only "Are you happy with your life?"; it´s also "Are you able to be happy without buying a big washing-machine or are you always looking if the grass is greener in the other side ?"

But the point is that "the Spanish style of work" is even worst that the American one -or at least "that the Canadian one"-. For example, in Canada almost all people leave their offices about 5:00 PM. Even there are shops that close the doors about 6:00 PM. Can you imagine?

Think again leaving your office about 5:00 pm. Can you imagine?

Sometimes it seems we are suppoused to stay in our office overworking - or maybe with nothing to do- because your boss is still there... And don´t dare leave the office until a prudential hour.. otherwise " What could your boss and co-workers think about you?" The problem is we often mix up "to work efficiently" with "hours".

Let´s be honest, IT SUCKS. And if this is your case, your job and your live turn out to be like an American Washing-Machine: extremely inefficient.

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